There has been an update to one of my articles - about privacy and Exif data.


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Jul 23, 2020
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The update is a link and some information about the link. The topic is privacy and Exif data. It may be worth your time.

I stuck this in the Security section, though it's more a Privacy thing. We don't have a privacy-specific sub-forum, though a section like that might get a number of topical questions. While privacy and security are two different things, one can be an aspect of the other.

Maybe... The two can be related, but they are not synonyms. My computers are pretty secure. Online, I have ways to remain reasonably private. For the most part, I'm pretty open and trivial to 'dox'. I have ceded my privacy in a number of places and ways.
I have no idea how secure my machines are, I don't even check the sum when I got the iso. My privacy is compromised against my will, I never really consent! Just click agree with random terms of service found on my way
You consent when you use those services... You may not like it, but you do.

If you want to improve your privacy, one of the biggest first steps you can take is to disable third party cookies.
There is another application from Xnview developer called XnConvert ( the latest version is 1.95) . It has the ability of removing Exif data in addition to converting format of images. It also supports converting to WebP. It has .deb packages. It can be downloaded from here.
I like XnView - and their other products.

You actually can clean Exif data easily and en masse. See the linked article for details.

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