Thoughts on Neptune 5 vs. Plasma Neon

Jeffrey Lapinski

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May 13, 2018
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I am in the midst of setting up a multi - multi boot system and I am searching for a solid Debian based system that ships with an up to date KDE Plasma desktop. I was not a fan of Kubuntu and I am weighing Neptune and KDE Plasma Neon. I played with both distros but I am curious to get some opinions from other users.

Hi Jeffrey, guess who? Was it the puff of smoke that gave it away?

I have Neptune on the Toshiba Satellite - 1TB HDD, 8GB RAM, i7 - installed it 22 April apparently but haven't been into it much since.

Just ran 300 or so updates on it, and it is now up to speed, but I have not been anywhere near KDE Plasma Neon, so am only good for one side.

A moderate difference between the two is that Neptune is what I call Debian-based, whereas KDE Plasma Neon is Ubuntu-based.

I can elaborate on this at another of the multi-booting Threads, if you like, but the simplest way of describing it is that you can add a PPA to an Ubuntu-based Distro, you cannot to a Debian-based Distro.


*cough, cough* *waves away the smoke*

Ah, there he is! I am not hellbent on either to be honest. I like the idea that Neon will keep the Plasma desktop up to date otherwise I am not sure if I will notice a whole lot of difference between the two distros. Eventually I'd love to understand the true differences between Debian and Ubuntu and possibly install Debian (I tried it a few times but in the midst of the other issues I have been experiencing I put that project on the back burner). That being said, the ability to add PPAs is helpful.

I'll return to the thread to avoid confusion.
I just saw on Distro Watch that KDE has released their new download based on 18.04 - I am going to use this as my KDE distro when appropriate! :D

And... happy birthday again!
I wondered whether you had ESP - no, not an Extensible Firmware Interface System Partition ... Extra-Sensory Perception?


I was just setting up my Firefox in a new Distro, and Distrowatch is one of about 15 pinned tabs I use. I saw the KDE Neon news and wondered whether it was part of your recent Threading reasons ... but just a coincidence, eh?

Might be kharma, lol.

While I would love to claim an ability to see into the future....
I knew it was due to be released fairly soon but wasn’t expecting it for a few more weeks.

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