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tinycore forum registration broken


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May 31, 2023
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has anyone else had the problem of registering at forum.tinycorelinux.net? the last captcha is broken so i cannot register...
i tried on different computers with both brave browser and firefox so i'm pretty sure it isn't on my end.
i don't know how to contact them to let them know without registering. catch22.

here is the registration link:

Posted to TC forums, hopefully will get sorted out soon.
I've moved this to off-topic, as it's not really a 'getting started' question, nor a Linux question.

Don't let that alarm you, as the same number of people are going to see it and open it.
great news! thank you :)
are there any dedicated OS sections on this forum? pretty much all of my interest is focused in tiny core these days.
No, we just have an 'other' and some more generic forums. The distro-specific forums are pretty limited and mostly apply to the more popular distros.

You're more than welcome to use a more generic forum. That's what they're there for, I suppose.
@bungee1980 / @camtaf :-

Good God, have they still not sorted that out? I registered at the old forum around 9 years ago. I stayed just 3 days, during which time at least 7 different people all took a quick look at me, snarled "RTFM!", and then scuttled back to whatever stones they'd been hiding under.

I knew when I wasn't wanted, and immediately deleted my a/c. I just knew I wasn't going to get on with that lot.

I suspect they're getting most of their new-member referrals via social media these days, so there's no incentive to fix the on-line registration. Those broken sliders at the bottom have been split to both ends of the scale for at least 6 years by my reckoning.....

Mike. :confused:
Those broken sliders at the bottom have been split to both ends of the scale for at least 6 years by my reckoning.....
smh. so sorry to hear this. thanks for the info. i've never understood the vitriol against noobs. was hoping a small OS like that, with such limited documentation would be more welcoming. sounds like it was disabled on purpose.

if they wont fix it then i guess i'll have to give up on TC because there is just no way i'm going to get anything to work without being able to discuss it with people. Without Mysql a computer to me isn't worth all that much.

their literature is old but they are still releasing new versions and someone is compiling software. but whats the point? guess i'll give up unless there are some serious TCE fans here that want to discuss and work out issues.

maybe i'll try puppy...
maybe i'll try puppy...
@bungee1980 :-

Probably a better idea. I've been using it exclusively for a decade, there's a whole friendly community just waiting to help you get going with Puppy AND get the most out of it.....and our Admin & webmaster, rockedge, is a past master at getting the LAMP stack & related items - including MariaDB and MySQL - running to a tee in our favourite canine!

And - despite the number of folks that like to make snide comments about Puppy - there's a hell of a lot more people out there using it than would care to "own up" to the fact. Which I can never understand, TBH.....

The Puppy Forums can be found here:-

Puppy Linux Discussion Forums

Hope to see you there. We don't bite.....honest!

Mike. ;)

sold. trying it out today.

I'm not confident enough to try and compile any of this stuff myself yet. So it would be great to at least have some input towards those that are. My biggest beef with current LAMPP incarnations is that php-readline is never included.
@bungee1980 :-

I can almost guarantee rockedge will be able to walk you through the installation process. He's something of an authority on this stuff. He may even have a ready-built package that just needs installing or 'loading' (if it's an SFS package).

Mike. ;)
from the puppy discussion forum readme:

Puppy Linux is not just one distribution. Instead its developers use a "recipe" to create highly compact, fast and flexible Linux systems from larger mainline distributions like Ubuntu, Debian, Slackware, Void, etc.

I downloaded the fossapup64-9.5 iso and booted successfully. but what i was expecting when looking for the iso was something like:

but instead its like every version has a bunch of crazy sounding names that I'm not sure what i'm going for. i just picked fossapup64-9.5 randomly. Do you recommend a version? Or is there like a 'base' version i could start out on? My attitude generally is to start with as little as possible and build up. Tiny Core was great for having as little as possible. The build-up part not so much.
also... my default puppy desktop has a picture of a cat on it. ... seems like they missed an obvious choice for a mascot
If you have a 16GB or smaller flash drive you could spare and don't mind having it hanging out of your computer while you use an operating system, you could easily do worse than trying EasyOS. One could download the IMG file (it's not an ISO) and copy it right into the target disk -- no need to format it especially. Then boot up with it. That simple!

But you might not like the desktop and other things about it.
thanks for the tip. EasyOS sounds cool but strange that they are anti command line and push GUI for everything. i prefer to do as much as possible in terminal.

I checked out puppy. meh. i couldn't get past the cat. very bad sign. Makes me not want to find out what else they've done thats ass backwards. Yes, @sphen your puppy will do nicely! please submit to Puppy Linux and show them what one looks like lol
could have just been the flavor that i tried, idk.

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