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TinyCore USB installation


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Jan 18, 2022
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tinycore 12.0 installation
using core2usb-1.6.exe has kept the program in command line mode
regardless of which GUI selected
Have I used too old an installation
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Crikey, I didn't know it was still operating :)

G'day @grmsyd from DownUnder and welcome to linux.org.

We are quite possibly a little light on in support for TinyCore, but if Members here are using it, step forward.

12.0 is certainly the latest release (17/2/21 on Distrowatch), and their forums are still active as recently as today.

Their Forum is at


and my best advice would be to join them there and ask about it - you can still maintain your Membership here, and indeed I hope you will return and tell us what you find.

Good luck and


Chris Turner
G'day grmsyd, Welcome to Linux.org

i also know screw all about TinyCore, but am all ears to whatever info lobs here either from the tinycore website or from any members here hwo happen to have insight.

Slip over to member Introductions and tell us a bit about yourself.


aka Condobloke
well, this is an old thread. But since i had similar problem just recently maybe it will help someone else.
the first place to start is to use bootcode base. so before you hit enter on which desktop manager to boot with, hit TAB. then just add base to the end of that line and hit enter. it will boot with no defaults and no extensions and may give a desktop. it's not the final solution but it's the first place to start so you can navigate around easier and see what's going on.

another problem might be if you had played around previously with TC and have a /tce file on another drive. TC will boot from the drive with the first /tce that it finds. I had an old version of TC booting using /hda1 which, when trying to run a new version only would give a command line since it was still trying to use that old version on /hda1. i just set bootcode tce=sda1 and then set that boot to backup to /sda1. that solved it. too late probably to help OP, but maybe someone else.
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