Today's article has you blocking ports (in Linux Mint)...


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Jul 23, 2020
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So, I happened to be using Mint when I wrote the article. These directions will work for all sorts of people. If not, they can probably just install UFW and then these directions will work for them.

Anyhow, you can block ports. That will disable traffic on those ports. There's a lot that you can do with UFW (With iptables, I suppose - at least historically - is it also a front end for nftables? I should look that up.) and this article barely scratches the surface. I could probably write 10 articles about UFW, if I were more competent.

If you want to block a specific port in Linux Mint, here's your directions:

Again, those directions should easily translate to other distros but I didn't test them. I was on a Mint box, so it was written for Mint. I thought about testing in a live Lubuntu instance, but I got distracted when I saw a glorious bug that meant the default terminal didn't work. I'd later check again, after noticing a .2 test .iso was available. I'd install a different terminal via the GUI and do some additional testing. By then, I'd completely forgotten about the article.

Thus, the article is untested by anything other than current version of Linux Mint. It's definitely going to be accurate for other distros.

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