Today's article has you installing proprietary drivers in Ubuntu...


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Jul 23, 2020
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So, this seems to work in some Ubuntu derivatives and, of course, it works just fine with the official Ubuntu flavors.

You can install all the proprietary drivers pretty easily in Ubuntu - via the terminal, of course. You can also do so graphically, which I suppose might make another good article someday. But, it's pretty painless and simple to do in the terminal. You may need to enable one of the default repositories before you can do this, but that gets explained in the article as well.

But, yeah, it appears to work just fine in the official flavors - like Lubuntu or Kubuntu. It also appears to work in at least Mint. I wouldn't count on it working in all the Ubuntu derivatives, but it's worth checking.

Feedback is alright by me. It's a good 'weekend' article.

I did each step, and it culminated with this:
All the available drivers are already installed.
I've got jammy jellyfish.

I wonder if this would install nvidia drivers.
esp. given we (Lubuntu) don't include most on our ISOs, requiring them to be installed later.

You have my express permission to use any/all text or images. It's Creative Commons with attribution, but I'm fine without attribution if it's for Lubuntu.

I wonder if this would install nvidia drivers.

Yup. I believe if there are multiple options it defaults to the newest one.

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