Today's article is about benchmarking your GPU...


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Jul 23, 2020
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While this is written for Lubuntu, the same commands should work for anything in the Debian family (and especially all the Ubuntu flavors). There's even a GPU benchmark for those using Wayland, so I tossed that command in there for those that need it.

My score was pretty low, but that's fine by me. I also didn't test on a more powerful computer, which I probably should have done to compare and contrast.


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I guess this is just the penalty you pay for having a fairly active/popular website.


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That too is just the past 24 hours.

Those are mostly bots probing the site and bots attempting to spam the comment section (known as 'blog spam'). There's no human sitting at the other end of the connection hacking away with a keyboard (for most of those). It's just bots trying to gain access.
In debian it appears the user has to select one from the glmark2 family:
[flip@flop ~]$ apt show glmark2<TAB>
glmark2-data         glmark2-es2-wayland  glmark2-x11
glmark2-drm          glmark2-es2-x11     
glmark2-es2-drm      glmark2-wayland
Really? Huh, I expected that to be the same. That's good to know, should I ever do this article for Debian.

I wonder why they're packaged differently. Then again, the glmark2 git has no releases, so they're packaged by the maintainers for each distro.
Oh, I figured it out. Gimme a minute, there's an article edit coming up.

My notes are old. Though, I just checked and it's just glmark2 in Mint. Curiouser and curiouser...
There we go, it should be updated. They must have changed the name fairly recently, 'cause those notes aren't old and it's still glmark2 in Mint. I didn't bother checking because those notes were REALLY recent, like within the past LTS version.

I finally got my Radeon RX 7800 XT installed. I have to say it's a huge difference from running on the integrated GPU.
glmark2 scores are the highest I have ever seen. I will say the screen resolution you are running the tests in make a difference.
I got slightly slower scores on a 2560x1440 than a 800x600 test. That's to be expected I guess. I have been an Nvidia guy for a long time, but I am becoming a believer in AMD. This outperforms my friends 4070RTX in every test except ray tracing. To be fair we actually put his card in my computer, so it would have same motherboard/CPU/RAM. The kicker is, I paid about $50.00 (US) less for my card than he paid. The other thing is, with Linux at least, I don't have to enable any 3rd party repos to get the drivers.

Dislaimer: I don't work for AMD and I'm not receiving any endorsements for this, but if you're a hard-core Linux user, and you're
wanting a new graphics card, take a hard look at the current Radeon's.
I got slightly slower scores on a 2560x1440 than a 800x600 test. That's to be expected I guess.

Yup. It's simply that the card is driving fewer pixels, I'd assume. You'll see a lower FPS when you're pushing 8k video at 220 Hz.

I don't need advanced graphics for anything. So, I have that going for me.

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