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Jul 23, 2020
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Rather than restoring entirely from backups, I did a fairly clean installation. (I did restore some things, most as time saving goals.)

I really don't like caps lock and I really don't like num lock to be turned off by default. No, I want that on by default.

And now you too know how to do this.

Not something I'd worry about but handy to know...I now have it enabled.

I wish it would be enabled by default in the live session that would be good.
I wish it would be enabled by default in the live session that would be good.


Check your BIOS. While not as common as it used to be, there's sometimes an option that enables num lock on boot with the system, so it's enabled by default irrespective of the system's configuration. In my experience, that works well enough. It works as if you pressed the num lock button during the boot process, which seems to then work in the OS itself.

I didn't notice that in the BIOS (UEFI Settings? I'm not sure what to call it these days.) I have on this machine and I poked through the settings a bit as it was refusing to allow USB booting and I sure as hck wasn't going to go through the effort of making a DVD.

This is my cheap $100 refurb computer we're talking about. I'd almost sooner chuck it in the recycle pile than have to burn a DVD every time I wanted to do an installation. I wouldn't toss it away, but I'd consider it. I even considered using legacy mode, but eventually found the option that enabled 'legacy ROMs', which let me boot to the USB.

This is quite an experience. I haven't done a 'clean' install in a long time. I always just restore from backups and have a consistent experience across the board. It's amazing how much I've forgotten! I have to refer to my own site with some regularity, though it's more or less configured now.

I did make an executive decision to restore tabs in one of my browsers. I almost regret doing so, but I needed information from those tabs and didn't have them bookmarked in a separate bookmarks file. I ended up adding Session Buddy and restoring a session from that.

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