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Jan 6, 2022
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Hi to all,

My first post here, hope it's the right place.

My Mint 20.2 laptop is very slow. It would be surprising to realize it needs an hardware upgrade taking into account that it's an ASUS VivoBook S with i7-8550U CPU, 8GB RAM and 1TB Sata HD. Before adding 8GB more RAM and replacing the HD with an SSD (which I will surely do, sooner or later), I've been looking for some software issue and found out that clamav took 1,2GB of RAM at startup (so I uninstalled it), that Firefox and Chromium are hugely memory consuming (I'll replace them with some lightweight browsers) and also - that's why I'm writing here - I see there is some startup error regarding Tomcat.

Considering I'm not so familiar with web applications, web servers and other web stuff, I wonder whether it's ok to remove Tomcat too, hoping this will not make my system unstable and will not prevent other applications to run properly. My most frequently used applications are: Thunderbird, Firefox, LibreOffice, Master PDF Editor.

I've tried to launch the uninstall command, just to see what other applications would be removed and that's the result in attachment, as well as some logs. I don't know whether that guacamole and java8 will badly affect my system if removed together with Tomcat, considering I also have java15 installed (I don't remember why I have java8 installed too, maybe for some compatibility with some software... I don't remember) and I've never heard of guacamole software before.

So, in conclusion: may removing Tomcat be the solution? Will that be safe for the rest of my system? Thanks a lot.


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A tomcat web-server is used for serve java/openjdk web-applications, if you remove it it shouldn't have an effect on the rest of your system because I don't know any Linux distribution that comes installed by default with a tomcat web-server, so that goes for Linux Mint as well. Looking at the "uninstalling tomcat.txt" file it looks like it's just removing a bunch of tomcat dependencies including a bunch of java packages.
From memory last time i had Tomcat with apache running the Java was the JDK which is the development kit; other software just uses the "runtime" version. Tomcat is for Java Server Pages, Java Server faces and servlets (these having to be compiled) . You can easily re-install the runtime version that software like LibreOffice . There's choices of Oracle or Open Java Runtime Env (JRE) if anybody is on Arch one tool i found handy is :

[andrew@darkstar:~][1]$ archlinux-java status                             (01-06 18:35)
Available Java environments:
  java-8-openjdk/jre (default)
//you can use it to help fix path glitches for software that needs it
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Your system should run just fine, albeit an SSD and doubling RAM will help.

I'd just resolve to use fewer windows and tabs, and not try a 'lightweight' browser. (I'm the guy that's tried all of 'em, pretty much.) Just block ads (at least) and you should be fine.

As for starting up, you can look at 'systemd-analyze blame' and then mask any offending services.

Some software includes services or daemons and whatnot. Only keep what you need.

If you're not too far into it, there's nothing wrong with backing up and doing a nice clean installation. Then, just be more careful about what you install and why you install it.

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