Try Arch linux?


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I've only used ubuntu and wondering if someone could compare Arch with it and let me know if i'd like it. What are the differences?

I'm trying to learn sysadmin type work so i'm doing a lot of shell scripting, learning perl and python etc right now.


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The Arch wiki has a good comparison page that you should maybe look at here:
That is a wonderful link, @Rob , as I am just revisiting this thread since friend @CptCharis posted to it.

If the OP, @TomK (who appears to have left us? o_O) was still around, I would say that the only deficiency in the Arch article is that it does not mention the Arch-based Distros, such as Capta has raised with Anarchy. There are quite a number of these, and I am currently using five (5) of them, on my Toshiba Satellite.

I find them to be a good indicator of what can be accomplished with Arch as a base.

If the OP is still around, then my apologies, and my auto-complete function on member names is not working. :D

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