Trying to take ownership of Second SSD


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So I have installed POP-OS on my gaming rig and be rid of Windows 10. One of my issues is that I had decided to format my second 1tb ssd to ext4 since not much was on it. I used Gparted and I think that was a mistake since it changed it to root. How do I change back my Ownership back to me? I need a lot of hand holding here since I'm still a linux newb.


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Assuming your user is "gabecrafton", enter:

sudo chown gabecrafton:gabecrafton /home/gabecrafton/extradrive

If there are any subdirectories under extradrive, then you would want to add the -R option after chown., such as sudo chown -R ...

You may need to change permissions also, so enter
sudo chmod a+rw /home/gabecrafton/extradrive

and again if there are subdirectories under extradrive , use chmod -R

the a+rw pretty much opens permissions wide, so instead of a+rw enter with u+rw or ug+rw.

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