Ubuntu 20.04 gives problems - 20.10 is fine to install?


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I did work/develop from my Macbook the last few years but now since I have a big Windows main pc, I also want to start working from there. The big problem is ofcourse that I am used to the Mac development environment so I want to dual boot into Ubuntu as it is almost similar to it.

I tried installing 20.10 and this was fine but run into a apt-key deprecated issue when installing Yarn so I tried 20.04. But 20.04 gives me a lot of errors when trying to install (xid 614 or something error, needed to use nomodeset method) and after install I also see error codes which doesn't really make me feel comfortable using this OS.

Is it ok to freshly install 20.10 already and use it as a main work environment? Or is it still buggy.

And hopefully someone could help me after to install Yarn on 20.10 haha..


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20.10 is out of beta and doesn't seem to have any show-stopping bugs on the various Ubuntu forums/support sites.

There's also the Hackintosh thing if you're interested in trying it out.

I'm unfamiliar with this Yarn you speak of, but a search engine led me to here - where there are a couple of other installation options:


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