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Previously, I installed Ubuntu O.S. on my Imac computer. I followed the directions on installation in a book published about Ubuntu. After using Ubuntu for a good while I noticed that my computer was overheating. I have never felt my computer so hot, as it was when I installed Ubuntu.
When I was using Ubuntu I once deleted the icon that opened the download center, which comes pre-installed. I tried and tried to reinstall it, but it seemed that there was no way to get the download center back without reinstalling the whole thing.
Another issue, when I download an automatic update for Ubuntu my computer was shut off while it was installing: I lost all of my files, since the operating system quit working.

I've been wanting to switch to a Linux O.S., that will hopefully run C++ without any issue. But, I've begun to think that Ubuntu isn't a good operating system, since it has a history of destroying CPU's. What type of Linux is worth having, and is there a version of Linux that is more true to the copyleft philosophy than Ubuntu? Ubuntu download center features programs that are for sale, not for free.
Are there any other Linux OS's that have better protection against P.C. overheating? In Windows there is often a application, or settings window, that can lower the CPU's Ghzt level, to reduce heat.

In the Ubuntu help literature, the "Overheating" section gives no advise or reasoning, other than -More fans need to be used. When I installed Ubuntu, I allocated memory the way that a book advised, using some small partitions for things which I know little about.

I use Debian and while it supports non-free, it does not include it in their distro. I don't know if it overheats as I have an extra fan on my laptop table that provides an extra layer of cooling. Before I had the laptop table, my laptop had a history of overheating. I don't know if it had to do with my cleaning out the fan in my laptop or a combination of the the two (cleaning out fan and also buying a laptop table that has a fan) I haven't had an issue over overheating since then. I had a hard drive lock because of overheating, thank goodness I am almost religious about external backups!

I thoughly enjoy Debian. I highly recommend it.
Please use Intel's Thermald. It lowers the CPU frequency depending on the system load.


sudo apt-get install thermald

It keeps my 2nd Gen. i5 below 1.3 Ghz most of the time and power usage goes down significantly also.

As a note Imacs are notorious for overheating. Sorry but that is just fact. It may not happen nearly as often on OS X but then again Apple fine tunes their OS for their hardware. The hardware is kept closed source making it difficult for the Linux community to really work with it.

*for reference: http://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201918
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I had an overheating problem with Ubuntu and finally tore my machine apart and cleaned it out. That was the issue. I have been using Ubuntu for about 1.5 years now, learning Linux, NODE.JS, JS, MySQL, and I am a C++ coder too. I have no over heating issues since. (I tried to just use the air in the can but it would not help). try cleaning each part of your computer - I did not have the problem with Mint I used Mint for about 1 year before Ubuntu

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