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Ubuntu partition issues


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May 8, 2019
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I bought a computer for my mom a little while ago and she wanted me to install linux on it and keep windows, So i made a ubuntu boot usb using rufus and the iso, It installed as normal but now my bios doesn't show the partition in the os boot manager? Windows disk management shows the partition but it shows nothing on it.
Funnily enough when i try and reinstall ubuntu it says that i already have it on the partition?
I'm really confused and any help will be appreciated.

Hi @Chickenofthecosmos, and welcome! Windows disk management cannot read Linux partitions, so no confusion there. It can delete them though, so do be careful about it. The computer may not boot Windows if you delete the Linux partition. :eek:

When you are booting the computer, you obviously know how to get into the BIOS setup, but there is another way to interrupt the startup and get a Boot Menu... usually hitting the ESC key, or one of the F-keys, like F-10, F-11, or F-12. See if you can access this Boot Menu and start Ubuntu from there.

Let us know more about the computer too.... brand/make/model, etc. Is it using Windows 10?


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