UEFI Rootkit "Lojax"

Yes. Where did the quote come from?
just click on quote/link -- thehackernews
I never click on unknown links :D

You know, security stuff and everything ...
Update, 9 October 2018: The remediation section of the white paper contained inaccurate information. Secure Boot doesn’t protect against the UEFI rootkit described in this research. We advise that you keep your UEFI firmware up-to-date and, if possible, have a processor with a hardware root of trust as is the case with Intel processors supporting Intel Boot Guard (from the Haswell family of Intel processors onwards).

(welivesecurity is a current activity of ESET RESEARCH)
@Condobloke & @jglen490

Does not affect me, personally. Was just passing it on for the benefit of affected LO Members.
Doesn't affect me either, just wondering. Black Hat had some info on that, too. LoJack was the Lenovo theft protection "feature", and that went sideways, but nothing I can see on that subject since about 2017, or so.
Methinks if the rotten thing had any 'legs' at all, it would be spread worldwide by now.

The fact that it is not is fair indication that it has either been died a natural death or has been shoved into the background by updates via all OS's registry systems/bios etc etc etc
Firmware is software. When it is broken, or attacked it can be repaired. So, yes, it has likely been overcome by now. There will likely be others, but for now ... move on to other subjects :)
Amen. ;)
As a Linux user I find it easiest to just not run any anti-virus, anti-malware, or anti-rootkit programs.
What I don't know can't worry me and make me lose sleep! o_O

(Not really)

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