Unexpected: "Test" listed on login??


Sep 26, 2020
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Ive been on my computer all day. I went to reboot and I noticed "test" is listed as a login option. I did not do anything knowingly that would enable such a feature. Should I be concerned?

What operating system do you have ?
Can you login into your created account or not ?
Linux Mint 20, updated.
Yes I can login. I was just truly caught off guard by seeing another login because I'm the only person that uses this box. When I got inside I immediately checked users and it has a Test user. I just rebooted and now I am unable to login....weird.
Okay , can you login with test user ?
And your password is verify or not ?
Can you please screenshot or with mobile take a photo error
I appreciate all your help. I rebooted and the test user disappeared and so did my login. I rebooted again and sure enough my login credentials we're missing. I was forced to manually enter my username and password when I never use auto login. I then entered my username and password and it wouldn't take it. I rebooted, same thing. I rebooted and went to grub screen and tried to use the options it has all with no luck. I literally spent about a good 2-3 hours troubleshooting this thing. One of the options I was able to access said my physical volume was bad, but it's less than 2 months old, a western digital ssd blue. Perhaps it was because of an install I did a week ago. I was experimenting with FDE without the LVM and I installed mint in Legacy using MBR with partition 1 in ext4 as my /boot with 1024mb, and partition 2 in ext4 as my /root using the remainder of the disk, all with encryption via the "do something else" option during install. Also I turned on Admin and Supervisor passwords in my Bios. I tested this out for almost a week with no hiccups so I'm unsure if my setup caused a malfunction. Also, to add, during boot up when I was locked out, the new Mint kernel was listed in my boot options in grub. There a few possibilities of what causes this to happen. As I said I'm reinstalling right now and I'm going to run GSmart to see if I can find any errors in my ssd. Thanks for your help.
Oh yeah, I forget to mention, a day or 2 ago I was using a textbook that taught how to use entrusion detection tools to see if your system had been compromised. Well during my study I was using the passwd file and the casper file(sorry can't remember the exact names) so maybe I did something I wasn't supposed to? I know out of curiosity I was opening files just to see what was in them. I may have corrupted my system. I'll take it as a learning experience. Next time I'll use my a VM to do my digging around.
Hey everyone. I backtracked my steps trying to see what caused this issue, and I found the answer!

A conky installation from a 3rd party repository. Yup. I knew better to use such a repository but conky had me amazed. Be careful what you download.

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