Unix-Like Systems Discussion

I did have second thoughts on posting about Unix-like OS’s on here because this community is dedicated to Linux, but since they are so closely related and even DistroWatch posts articles on BSDs, I decided against my original thoughts. Mods, as always, feel free to move this to a more appropriate section. ;)

Quite recently I found myself thinking about other Unix-like operating systems. I actually have never tried or even thought about trying such after an operating system development kit called “Cosmos” piqued my interest (maybe I’ll use it, I want to focus on my Linux distro first). Previously I’ve researched BSD and its popular derivatives and their histories, but as I said, never paid any interest to them. So, what are your experiences with these cousins of Linux? Any thoughts or elaborations?


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I regularly speak highly of GhostBSD. Right now, I only have a VM - but I've used it on bare metal in the past.

There's even less hardware support than there is for Linux, but it's still a solid OS.


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I've used AIX, Solaris, NextOS, Multiple flavors of BSD, and of course the Penguin.
Each has pro's and con's, typically with either hardware cost (IBM POwer 7 or Power 8 platform)
Sun Itanium, Sparc, or Intel platform.

BSD isn't bad. It seems to have a slightly higher learning curve in my opinion.

Linux is the best of both worlds. Runs on cheap consumer hardware, and typically no cost for the OS.
(Unless you want commercial vendor support).
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