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Hello everyone,
I have almost zero experience using Linux. I've been searching for a solution to my problem for a while and either 1) I don't understand what is being said or 2) the fix does not work for my system.

I have a piece of research equipment that has it's own internal server, I operate the system using a Windows 7 laptop that connects to the system through a switch. I cannot operate the system through the software because there are no users on the systems internal HDD to log into the software with.

What I am trying to do is log in to the internal HDD and add an admin user so that I can log into the software on the laptop. Or at least find out that I can't do that and figure out a different fix.

The systems' internal HDD is running Red Hat Linux release 6.2 (Zoot).
Link of the boot from start to finish: https://photos.app.goo.gl/mW9FEYrVMjjQqFn6A

I have tried all kinds of standard combination user/pw, with no result. I found instructions to boot into single user mode, but could not get access to the grub menu screen.
As I said at the beginning, I have zero experience with Linux and would greatly appreciate some help if possible.

Thank you.


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Thank you for responding so quickly.

The first article asks for an install CD which I do not have. I did not create this system, it is a piece of medical research equipment that was purchased by my company.
The second article describes the bootloader, I'm not 100% sure what that is, but I'm fairly certain I do not at any time have an option to choose which kernel to boot into.
And the last article describes changing the password if you know the password which I do not.

Thank you


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Only the root user would know the password:-

This is most likely an Administrator or a RH Certified Engineer that installed RHEL on that machine.

The bootloader is a program that executes and helps the operating system to boot.
Most of the Linux distributions today use the Grub bootloader.

How To Recover The Root Password:

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