What exactly are these files? Are they firmware files for a device? Where are they from?
You haven't given us a lot to go on here!

Assuming we are talking about firmware files - this might help with .bin files:
The above page is aimed at security professionals who want to analyse firmware images for IOT devices to check for vulnerabilities.

And if memory serves .img files can simply be mounted.
So it might just be as simple as:
mount /path/to/imagefile.img /path/to/mount-point -o loop

Where /path/to/imagefile.img is the path to the .img file you want to mount.
/path/to/mount-point is the path to the directory where you want to mount the file-system contained in the .img.

But you may have to do a bit of analysis on them before mounting them to find out what file-systems they are using... IDK!

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