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Jan 18, 2023
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since this is over 420 characters I cannot share it from my profile update..

Just in case you are wondering: My laptop used to have windows 10, and fedora, but it was having problems, so I installed a fresh install of Linux Mint (due to the latest install of fedora not booting or being able to install onto the laptop) I had wanted to try mint for a while, so now that my laptop has been restored and is fully functioning properly with mint, I (due to needing the storage space) removed fedora from my desktop. So now I have one Linux Mint Laptop, one windows 11 desktop (made to look like windows 7), and one apple laptop. I hope to work in the field of IT so i feel it is helpful owning one of each of the operating systems, so I can be well acquainted with them, to be able to fix any computer, Linux, Mac, or Windows. But I must be honest Linux is quite frankly the OS I love, to whatever degree someone can healthily love a operating system.


If you want to install all OS'es you still have to run a BSD as well ;)
If you want to install all OS'es you still have to run a BSD as well ;)
A BSD, whats that? :O I use a Sandisk USB with Ventoy- it works well and I can liveboot any OS from it :D
GhostBSD is pretty and effective. I used that for a while on bare metal.

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