Update Manager not starting automatically


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Jan 29, 2019
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I am running Mint 19.3 with Kernel, in the last few days after booting up I have noticed that the Update Manager is not showing in the system tray & there are no processes showing in the system monitor, I checked in Startup Applications & it's still listed just like it always has been with it's default value of 20 seconds, as far as I can be sure there have been no changes to my system that could cause this to happen, I should add that if I launch it manually it pops up in the tray & runs normally until the next reboot.
Any advice offered greatly appreciated.

Tried to update your system?
Via:sudo apt update && sudo apt-get upgrade?
Thanks for replies, Strangely not long after posting I had an update for a new kernel, I think it went from to can't remember for sure as I'm on an android tablet at the moment anyway I updated, rebooted & the update manager appeared straight away, was that the problem, I don't know but I'll keep an eye on it
:confused: Oh well that didn't work, I have just rebooted again & I'm back to no update manager.
I have done sudo apt update && sudo apt-get upgrade, that returned
0 to upgrade, 0 to newly install, 0 to remove and 0 not to upgrade
I see that after launching it manually the process is listed with "Normal" priority, what if I raised it to high? just a thought.
Perhaps I am misunderstanding your meaning here.....I am not entirely familiar with 19.3 ( i run 18.3)....but does the update manager icon always need to appear in the system tray ? Is there a setting in the Update manager to 'always show' the icon ?....or is there a setting to only show the icon when there are actual updates to install.?
You are right Condobloke there is such a setting but I have it set to off meaning the icon should always appear & I only see the mintupdate process running in the system monitor after I start Update Manager manually.
Bizarrely I am finding this is not happening every single time, once in while it starts as it should but most of the time it does not.
I am currently experimenting with delaying other process one by one to see if something else is affecting it.
You appear to be taking a 'windowsesque' type approach....personally I would not worry too much about it.......lust checking every week or so to see if there are any updates to apply. Unlike windows, Linux Mint will continue happily on without constant checking for updates

It is quite possible that the kernel version may have some impact on the icons appearance etc

Spend some time learning about the use of Timeshift. It works in a similar fashion to System Restore in windows....with the main difference being that Timeshift actually works. It is a life saver in case you screw something up or just if something goes wrong. It is desirable to save the Timeshift 'snapshots' to an external hard drive
Yeah thanks, you are probably right after all it starts fine from the menu or terminal & works as it should when it is open so if this persists I might just get used to living with it.