Update your BIOS dell with Linux Mint


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Feb 27, 2018
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Hello guys !

I felt the need for this post due to lack of /or incomplete information in web.

I would like to tell you how I updated my BIOS within Linux Mint environment.
Of course I did that with the help of some "Guru" of this forum. Thank you guys!!!

First of all you have to download your BIOS updates.

Next very important step, create a bootable DOS usb drive for updating motherboard BIOS.
You can install gparted using apt-get install gparted but Linux Mint shipped with Disk manager which can do same things!!
So use Use gparted and /or Disk manager to create a FAT32 formatted partition on the USB flash drive. (FAT 32 for maximum compatibility )

Next step you have to use unetbootin to install a bootable FreeDOS in to the flash drive.
Install unetbootin using apt-get install unetbootin
Run unetbootin and select the distribution FreeDOS.
Screenshot at 2018-03-06 08-38-14.jpg

Select your USB flash drive & click OK. (We are using only Distribution part of unebooting for now)

Here is the tricky part of all procedure (or at least in my situation)
Once FreeDOS will be downloaded in to the flash drive, your flash drive will look something like this
Screenshot at 2018-03-06 08-31-255.jpg

So as can you see no any .ISO file is being downloaded as almost all tutorials and utube videos in web said. (at least with FreeDOS)

Now is time to copy your BIOS update file, that you download earlier, into your USB drive.(regardless what they said in various tutorials)
Screenshot at 2018-03-06 08-31-21.jpg

So once you copy your BIOS file in to your USB drive you have to run again unebootin
(we are going to use the Diskimage part of unebooting now)
and due to lack of .ISO file we will use syslinux.cfg file
Screenshot at 2018-03-06 08-46-49.jpg
Screenshot at 2018-03-06 08-46-59.jpg

When unebootin will be completed, your BIOS update file inside your USB drive should has a small padlock on it's upper right corner

Now you are ready to reboot your machine.
Do it and press F12 to enter into booting menu
In BIOS menu press enter.
Use safe mode, do NOT use the default option may be hurt your HDD
press again enter and A\> prompted will appear
Change to C: (maybe located in to B: but mine it was located in C:)
Write the name of BIOS update file press enter and let it to it's jod!!
Once it will finished your machine should reboot automatically.

After all that your USB drive should look something like this
Screenshot at 2018-03-06 08-31-21.png

That's all folks !!! thank you for your time and I'm waiting for your comments.

Now that looks really interesting!!

I am going to digest that some more, and hopefully come back with something more useful. :p

You have 4 Likes so far, Capta, so that is a good start?

Love Linux? I do, every day

Hello @wizardfromoz

Yeap, I'm Loving it , I'm excited!!!

I'm waiting for the result of your search.


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