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I have not received any updates from Linux for many months, including the new Firefox update. This is the first time I have not received automatic updates from Linux. I need help.

I don't know what distro is.
Have you seen the words "Ubuntu", "Mint", "Debian", or "Fedora", etc... when booting up or using Linux.

A "Distro" is the name of the packaging of all the files and the software needed to install Linux (Or GNU/Linux) onto a computer. You, if you installed it yourself, or the person who installed it for you would know the name and version of the Distro you are using. Do you have the C/D, or DVD that was used to install? The Distro name would be on that disk.
linux mint. My son used a C/D marked Linux 16. It is one he burned.

What I don't understand is why I have not be receiving updates. I have been using Linux for 4 years and always got automatic updates.
According to Wikipedia, Linux Mint 16 has been obsolete since July 2014. So there will have been no updates since then.

I have tried to upgrade Linux Mint from one version to another ---but it gave me problems. http://www.tecmint.com/upgrade-linux-mint-16-to-linux-mint-17/

Try it, BUT BACKUP FIRST. Otherwise copy off your personal stuff to a USB external drive and do a new, clean install.
thanks I am going to get some help from my son. I've got to go to work