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Upgrade Retro Arch on Linux {SOLVED)


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Jun 1, 2019
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After thanking the maintainer of the PPA for Retro Arch I wasn't sure how to upgrade it when the upgrade is available.
The maintainer wasn't entirely sure if it will get upgraded when Linux Mint 21.1 get's it's updates.

Anyone know about this?

Also, I've been reading online for a few days and watching YouTube videos. The Download Cores isn't working.
Do I need to find the cores online?


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I still don't know if the PPA of Retro Arch will get updated when Mint's Update MGR updates the system.
There may be a way to update the PPA manually however; I'm just not sure how and the maintainer of the PPA said: "I'm not entirely sure", sorry.

IF you decide to run the PPA version and you have unreadable text in the API: Press F5 to launch the Desktop Menu.
Once in the Desktop Menu Go to: View> Settings> Drivers and change 'gl' to 'glcore' and restart Retro Arch.

Don't forget to go into the Software Sources and remove the PPA 'if' you have trouble getting RA to work.
(see the screenshot)

It's just easier to run the flatpak version of Retro Arch because the Online Updater works flawlessly.

It's been my experience that flatpak's get needed updates frequently. That is with Linux Mint 21.1.

It's taken the better part of 2 going on 3 weeks to learn the API of Retro Arch. And because of that I'll most certainly be writing a Blog on this over on my Wix Linux Fixes site.

The Libretro Forum members are well versed with RA and have been helpful in my case.
If you have issues I highly recommend going there and creating an account and look for the Linux section.



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