Upgraded Olivia to Petra, now black screen, no launch

Try interrupting your GRUB boot and insert the command "nomodeset" (without the quotes). This has helped me on Ubuntu/Mint black screen issues in the past... hope it helps you too. If it works, you can add it to your permanent GRUB boot options and keep Petra.

Tried nomodeset and F10 by adding it to the end of line 13 beginning with "linux" still black screen

To clarify -- booting Olivia,

I hold the left-hand Shift key down at first splash screen where there are notices to hit F-keys to get into the BIOS.

GRUB pops up with choices. Stay on first one and hit the "E" key for edit.
Up pops the textual boot commands of GRUB.

I use down-arrow to go down thirteen lines to the stanza beginning with "linux . . ."
Hit "End" to go to end-of-line of this kernel line, hit spacebar once and type in "nomodeset," as atanere noted.

Hit F-10 to boot with your edit intact.
Did not work for me, still black screen.
That suggests a graphics problem. Have you got a graphics card installed e.g. nVidia or ATI?

If so, you may need to install the graphics driver again.

There is a small script which I have used in the past which has helped do this automagically:

Been pulling my hair out trying to install Linux Ubuntu & Mint on my old Toshiba laptop & getting the black screen for last 2 days.
Was about to give up & consign it to the bin when I found your post.
Many thanks, your help much appreciated.

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