usb boot stick for macbook pro 2008 unibody


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it just loads all the linux onto the ram ?
and this being the reason > that even with slaxs ...
you need at least 512 mb of ram
That is exactly right. And bigger distros need even more RAM. This is what running Linux in "live mode" is all about.... also called "live Linux" or "live CD" and maybe more names too. This lets you check out Linux without making any changes to your computer (without installing it)... then, if it works well for you, you can install it to your hard drive from the running "live version."


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and if I would find a virtual mashine for either linux or windows xp
to have a virtual mac

then I could make there a boot stick for the os 10.5.6 dmg
to install this onto the mac book pro unibody

what do you think about this ?
Again, I know nothing about Mac systems. If you want to ask more about virtual machines, you should open a new thread on that topic.
Again, I know nothing about Mac systems. If you want to ask more about virtual machines, you should open a new thread on that topic.

where would I best start this thread ?
about how to make a boot stick for a mac on linux ....
either with the os 10.5.6 or any linux that would work
but it seems like there are definitely problems
with the last one

so using the mac os would be fine with me !

A couple of Windows XP programs that will "burn" Linux .iso files to CD are here and here.

thank you .... but I have found a live kde burner
on one of the work stations
in this one library

where the same enpacking is going on ... as under " master archive "
and then after burning the cd ... I can see the whole thing there !
being ready to boot onto any pc

all I had to do ... was to changing the bios to cd first to boot on
then the slax is taking off ....

first you can select ...
" persistence ... loading first time ... or loading to ram "

and only there ... all is loaded onto the ram
other wise some of it on the free space on the installed hdd

so it is necessary to shut the program down at the end
so all is left in order

now ...there are a few problems >
the great thing about linux is to see what is going on

first ... we are having a " time out on dependency "
DHCP failing to install

so it seems like the download or the burning
was having some error brought into

what could I do there ?
download it again ?
and burn it again ?

but it loads up any way
on the pentium 3 there is no hard ware compliance for the chromium browser
so only the pentium 4 can be used for this

then ... the usb internet stick from 1&1 is not detected !
do you have any idea about this ?

usually the windows installs this program
as soon as the stick is plugged into the usb port

do you know any thing on this problem ?
to be using the " network manager " in slax ?
for putting there the right numbers ?

then ... the mouse pointer on all three pentiums are jittery
on the p4 it even sticks to the desktop
and only after some time
I can continue on ...

having all those stuck pointers on the desktop !

I have loaded on down a mint + cinnamon linux = 2gb iso
and it seems the library kde burner would burn me a dvd on this
and if I would get another hdd into this pentium 4
saving the windows xp for some other day
I could install this onto

what do you thing about this ?


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now back to the original question >

I got a mac os 10.5.6 dmg on a stick !
and since the internet is telling me

that you can not install a linux on a macbook pro
without having a mac osx on it first

we have to find a way to >
installing this mac os 10.5.6 dmg
on the mbp unibody first !

so ... how do I get this onto a bootable stick ?
with only linux or windows xp ?
I think I misunderstood your original question, so I apologize. I thought you wanted a Linux boot stick to boot your Mac computer, since it did not have a HDD.

But since then, we have drifted off topic into 3 computers you have (Mac, Acer, and Pentium you built), into issues with CD burning software, virtual machines, and into at least a couple of Linux distros (Slax and Linux Lite).

This thread is just about impossible to follow now. I suggest that you open a new thread... pick one topic... and stay focused on that topic.

From a quick look with Google, it does seem very difficult to make a Mac boot stick without a Mac OS to do it. But this is not a Mac support forum, although maybe one or more people here can offer you some advice. I'm afraid that I cannot, as I have already said before. I have no experience with Mac at all.

I am also going to be traveling away from home for a few weeks, so I must leave others to try to help you.

Good luck!

to whom it may concern >

I thought you wanted a Linux boot stick to boot your Mac computer, since it did not have a HDD.
well this is what I wanted to do !
but it seems impossible to do ... from what I read every where !

you can maybe boot you mac book pro unibody from a usb bootstick > with a os 10.5.6
and install it on a new hdd ... I have installed and then later install a linux on too

but to do a linux first seems impossible
but I would still be interessed ... if it can be done !

and ... I am as well interested to install linux
at last on one of those other pc I have !

the problems with slax .. I will try to discuss with slax

and the installation of the mint + cinamon linux
I will try to do ... as soon as I have found the best way for it
either a dvd burned from ... or a boot stick ...



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well this is what I wanted to do !
but it seems impossible to do ... from what I read every where !
Well, I think you CAN boot your Mac from a Linux USB, and you may just need to search more on this, if no one here can help. There is at least one "old way" to boot a Mac Book on USB (see here). And there is at least one "new way" for newer Mac Books that takes more effort (see here). There may be more ways.

People run Linux on Macs. It is not impossible. But it can be difficult, as you are discovering. You do need to be careful, as the "new way" link above warns at the end of their article: "Apple rarely supports playing around with bootable O/Ss, you could brick an extremely expensive device."
.... yes you can boot linux from a usb boot stick
but you need the efi from the mac os on the hdd first
since the linux uefi is not the same as the mac efi
as well as a lot of drivers

so I think I will contionue to look for a virtual mac
an the linux mint + cinamon ... and I have found a simple way
to doing a installation stick for this ...

just need to use the archive manager from slax
to unpack the iso file and then copy this onto the usb stick
or I can use the kde burn program load this iso from the stick
then wait till it unpacks it ... then copy the file to be burned
onto the usb stick

for the slax problems ... I have posted on the slax yahoo group
and see what can be done ... it has a beautiful desktop
but may not support the internet stick from 1&1
and I want this linux mostly for internet use

I hope you are having a nice vacation ...


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I hope you are having a nice vacation ...
Busy packing. Leaving tomorrow.

yes you can boot linux from a usb boot stick
but you need the efi from the mac os on the hdd first
since the linux uefi is not the same as the mac efi
as well as a lot of drivers
I think you have a misunderstanding about this. EFI (or UEFI) is a firmware chip on the motherboard of a computer, even on a Mac. The operating system (Mac or Linux) must be compatible with that EFI/UEFI system, although with standard PC computers the EFI/UEFI firmware can often be disabled. This reverts PC computers back to a "Legacy BIOS" type of firmware. A Mac probably cannot disable its EFI firmware, and this is one of the (many) reasons why some Linux distros are not good choices to install on a Mac. But other Linux distros ARE compatible with a Mac EFI.

The EFI/UEFI firmware on the motherboard controls an early part of the boot process... BEFORE the hard drive is looked at. It is for this reason that you can boot on a USB or CD/DVD, and you do not even have to have a HDD installed (this article agrees). If what you said were true, it would be impossible to install a new hard drive on a Mac... and that can't be right. So even Apple must allow to boot on a USB, without a hard drive, or with a brand new empty hard drive.

There may be more ways.
Here is another way. I always prefer free solutions, but for $5, this may interest you. This program requires a working Mac to create the Linux USB sticks, but then those USB sticks should work to boot other Mac's on Linux. Be sure to read their system requirements.

Even on vacation, I will be on from time to time... just not as often. I will still try to follow and help if I can. Other directions you want to go (virtual machine, Linux Mint, other computers) should get a new thread.

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where are you going ?

there are uefi boot sections on the newer linux systems
I have seen this with my own eyes

so if those are not compatible with the mac book pro unibody from 2008
then the linux will not work

and I have been reading > that especially mbp unibody is not compatible
with any linux !

and you are saying ... possible the same ?

I will be searching on this more
and let you know what I am finding out

but .... meanwhile ...
I have been burning a linux mint with cinnomon on a dvd
at the library ....

and I have let the kde burner test the results
so the burning should be right !

but the pentium 4 loading this dvd with more then ten failures !
the linux mint will load ... but the cinnomon is chrashing

so it seems the download to the usb stick has been the problem ?

I will try and load down some other linux now
and try this

years ago ... I tried knoppix with out problems
and maybe this will work ?

update ....

I have played around with the macbook pro more
and pressing alt + cmd + r + p has reset the pram

so now I can hear the chime at the start
and the pointer is now lower on down
but still moving

but nothing to choose from !!!
so it seems the efi chip in there is gone ?

so I can neither install a mac os nor any linux
as of now on this mbp unibody ....

does any one here know more about what to do ?

on the linux >

I have downloaded a knoppix 7.2 iso
made a cd from this ... to try it on the pentium 4
and it works fine ... even gets the 1&1 internet stick going
but then it sticks ... as soon as I work with the browser
for a while ... especially when filling out any thing
the pentium 4 is working fine with windows xp

does any one know what small enough linux will work ?
because I want at least one working linux
on what ever computer
we have here ...


update ....

I have been doing more research on this
and it seeming that > the next thing to do would be >

to connect a external sata hdd or ssd via usb adapter to the pentium 4
and install some live os on this ... then disconnect the hdd or ssd from the adapter
and connect it to the mbp unibody

then ... if this will boot in any way ..
we know only the boot selection is defective
and I can use this mbp ... with only the regular os booting

I have been looking at a ssd from 25€ ... 30€
and an adapter I have from an another external hdd
that is defective ?

the question now being only >
which os to use ?

do you know of any linux being stable ?
to run on a pentium 4 with 750 mb ram ...

and then use any stable linux life os
to install on the ssd for booting the mbp ?
without a need for any boot section ?

because the ssd would be the default booting ....

do you know any thing in this direction ?

good news ...

after putting an efi partion on this new scan disk plus 128gb ssd
with the help of an icy usb adapter

I could put the efi file of the knoppix live os in there

and all of sudden > when I start the mbp ... it does not show the ? any more
but goes black ... as if to want to boot from the ssd

and if I press the option key ... it does show a hdd graphic ... " windows " !

and if I put the pointer on this and press >
the same black screen follows ....

so it seems ... all I have to do >
is put some os in the .... new partitions having being created

I will start put the live knoppix in the first
then the enpacked dmg 10.5.6 in the next
and see what happens

till later

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