USB Linux distro + Tor + VPN Etc


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Hey, my first for the long run. :p

Is there a Linux distro I can run off a USB stick that I could also run a vpn & tor? Maybe other files that fit on that drive drive?



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G'day LifeOn2Wheel, and Welocome to

Your answer lies HERE

Read it carefully.

I can vouch for the fact that it works beautifully.

Your only other choice is to have a USB stick with whatever distro (probably Linux Mint) plus Persistence ....otherwise when you pull the USB stick out or reboot the pc or there is a power failure etc etc, you will lose everything you have added to that stick (the distro will survive but nothing that you have added)

The only restriction to the number and size of the files that will fit on that USB stick is the size of the USB stick itself. A 4gb or 8 gb stick is usually used for a Linux Mint distro......and that leaves a lot of room.......if you want overkill use a 16gb or a 32gb

Can you tell us how you intend to use this USB stick ?...always at home on the same laptop/pc .??....or would you intend to take it with you as you travel ?
If you intend to travel with it then you would need an external hard drive to travel with you to store the Timeshift snapshots on. You would plug the external drive into a USB port and the USB with Linux mint on it into another USB port.....Restore the snapshot, and away you go

If that is too messy for you, take a read of THIS is a bit complex at first read

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