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USB still has power when computer is off


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I just built a new computer withanAzrock Z390 Pro4 MB,in anAntek Silent case.All of the USB ports have power when the computer is turned off,both the ones on the motherboard and those on the front of the case.Is this normal?I'm running Ubuntu 18.04,and it is up to date.Everything else seems to be working perfectly.I checked the powre settings;it is set to power off when the power button is pushed,and hibernate and automatic suspend are both turned off.I looked in UEFI and didn't see anything about power settings to USB.


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G'day @ReginaBob

I don't have a specific answer for you but will scout around.

I am moving this Thread to Linux Hardware, because it will attract more responses there, as it is likely hardware-driven rather than Distro-driven.


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