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:) G'day @ironsniper1 and welcome to :)

We're not giving you the brushoff and we hope you'll come back here with an answer we can add to our Wiki.

What Nelson and Darren have said above is good advice.

Rockedge is being advocated as the Puppy place to go to, in particular since is inactive currently since its owner, John Murga, passed away recently.


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told to go else where
Here's the reality from a Puppy Linux user.

Puppy Linux isn't for the newbie Linux user.

Puppy Linux is a Linux distro in it's own world and the normal Linux how to don't work.

Look on the forum and see how many actual Puppy Linux users there really are.

I've seen very few forums where forum staff and forum members have the the know how for working solutions with Puppy Linux. (No Offense

I gave you a link and a name in a PM where one of the Puppy Linux Gurus could give a working solution to your problems if a working solution was available.

You want working solutions when using an odd ball Linux distro as Puppy Linux then you go directly to the source.

No one shined you on just directed you where you could find the help needed for Puppy Linux.
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