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Using cat output in a variable to use next in ls



Hi there.
I am trying to write a little script to get the information about big files saved in home users directories.
I have just find the list of directories I need to explore using a little script with cat, but I would like to use the cat output and then explore each one of the directories looking for specific kind of files, the thing is I would like to store the cat output in a variable and then use something with for to do the search in every directory. Someone can give me a clue about how to use the cat output in a variable?
The cat output has several directories ... it is something like \test\somefiles \test2\anotherone \test3\mixed \notest\resting
I would like to have this output in an array but I don't know how to send it to an array.

Any help will be really appreciated.

Thanks a lot in advance.



while read d; do
echo "Looking in $d";
done <list_of_one_directory_per_line.txt
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