Using existing .exe programs in Linux


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Hi everybody :)

I hope you‘re all doing well.
Last week I decided to utilize my spare m.2 SSD and start my journey with Linux.

I do have some experience after using a RasPi for a bit and also building my NAS from scratch and using OMV.

My main machine is a Windows PC which already has 3 drives in use and now a fourth for Linux.
All is well so far

However, I wanted to know if it is possible to use the windows programs I have already installed (Lightroom, Reaper, games, etc) with Linux.

I do know about wine and other options (PlayOnLinux), but was only able to find guides on how to install the programs in Linux using Wine.
BUT I would like to run the already installed programs on the other drives.

Is this possible at all?

Thanks in advance!


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Thanks for the reply :)
I feared that that would be the case.

Well, then I will go ahead and install all necessary programs, or find Linux alternatives.
For the games I will go ahead and use Windows, since it does not make sense to install everything twice ^^

Good to know, though.
Saves a lot of trying without success ^^


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These days, gaming on Linux is workable. We have a number of gamers here that do so.

I, however, am not a gamer. I can't really speak to it, I can only parrot what others have said.

You may find that you're willing to get rid of some applications (including some games) just to stay within the Linux ecosystem. You never know! I use Linux because it's easy, because it's consistently stable, because it's willing to get out of my way and let me get my 'work' done, because I love learning, etc...

It may come to pass that you too end up using Linux exclusively!

There are far worse fates. ;)
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