Videos: Vivaldi 4.1 - Features, Tutorials And How Tos


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Vivaldi is a cross-platform browser with lots of useful functions and features.
Video and how tos:

Full article from the Vivaldi blog:

Useful feature: Add and use a new search engine on Vivaldi
For example, if you want to add Youtube search:
1. Go to
2. Right-click in the Youtube search box.
3. Select add as search engine from the menu.
4. The same goes for other search engine, like Yandex.

If you want to use the alternative search engine:
1. Highlight text from any website.
2. Right-click and go to Search With from the menu.
3. Select Youtube, Yandex, Google, Wikipedia etc.
4. You can also switch the search engine from the address bar. This video explains how.

How to install Vivaldi browser on Linux
Download the .deb file from the Vivaldi website here.


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Check out my past thread for more Vivaldi tips and tricks:


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You've sold me on it so long as there's a source. It doesn't seem to be in the Debian 10 (I haven't upgraded yet) repos, so it'll preferably be source, or maybe appimage, nothing that's system-wide, basically. I'll definitely check it out on my non-work machine though (which runs Manjaro funnily).
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