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Aug 1, 2018
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I want to develop a relative small project in an educational environment. Let's say I want to make my own "mini Netflix".

What I want to achieve is how to setup a media streaming server setup to deliver audio/video files to clients via streaming. Nothing very complex. Just a PoC to show it working and play with the related protocols (RTMP, etc...).

I have read about some servers like IceCast, Ampache, Subsonic,... and as for the client side I was thinking about VLC or browser based.

¿Any idea or tutorial where to start from?

Thanks! :)

Just use Jellyfin, it's opensource mediaserver software, you can either do a normal installation or run it in a container.
There are first and third party clients available for different devices and os's.
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Good luck. I use Plex myself since the user experience is better but I also have Jellyfin running so I can keep up with the development of it.
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