VirtualBox keeps spawning windows every time I open it :<


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So here I have a problem..... As the topic title says, every time I try and open VirtualBox (it's the latest version), VirtualBox keeps spawning more windows, and then closes each one (thank ADMIRAL ACKBAR, as it doesn't cause Linux to choke with too many open windows of a Program!.....) :3 The parent Process, VirtualBox, stays open the whole time..... :3 I tried updating to a later Kernel, as I was on 4.15, with Xubuntu 18.04..... :D But to no avail..... :( VirtualBox behaved normally THIS time, but when I opened Google Chrome, it started doing the window spawny thingy again!..... :( Methinks this has something to do with Chrome..... :3 Any suggestions guys.....? :3 I wanna get VirtualBox working again so I can use a Tails VM to see how long it takes 4Chan to permaban me!..... :D Oh, and before I forget here's a screenshot!..... :3 See.....?? :D It keeps spawning VirtualBox as more windows!..... :D It's a GTK-palooza!!!..... :D Hehe!!..... :D



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Good Morning from DownUnder, Adam :)

I have little idea about this, just brainstorming.

Have you another Browser you can use, or install Firefox or Chromium (not sure if Chromium can run alongside Chrome or whether there would be dependency conflicts).

Make the alternate Browser the default and see if the problem persists.


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