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00 an 86x64 computer HP 430 G3 got into my hands that
01 has by an unknown administrator password locked bios

02 utilizing bootable USB stick it successfully installs 64-bit versions of
Windows 10, Kali Linux & runs Fedora Live seamlessly

03 installed is KALI + Virtual box - latest version +
Windows.10.1903.iso downloaded
04 creating new VM offers only 32-bit Windows options & adding downloaded iso
to 32-bit Windows 10 selection results in = not correct architecture
05 some posts suggest activating vt-x in bios

- if Windows 10 64-bit version runs successfully being installed from
bootable USB, why Virtualbox poses problems to its execution
- any existing workable solutions to bypassing bios password
- how can HP 430 G3 bios be reflashed without physically tampering
the laptop hardware

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