[VM] Boot hanged at "Started Getty on tty1"


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Feb 25, 2019
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I decided to try and build my custom Calamares installer - with packages and kernels of my choice in order to keep it as close as possible to the original Arch, only to have a graphical installer. The first two problems I had - I fixed those but the third one remained and I have no idea how to fix that one. The booting process hangs at this "Started Getty on tty1" which I have absolutely no idea what that means, so I'm open to suggestions what it's telling me.


I could attach the packages.txt file for you to see if I have missed a package, altough I shouldn't have bc I didn't remove any system packages, only visual ones (desktop, nouveau driver) + I removed all wireless related packages bc I'm building this installer for a desktop PC which doesn't have ANY wireless hardware, so these packages are unnecessary. But I doubt that these wireless packages have any relation to the booting process.

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