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I was wondering what everyone uses for I.P. address protection when at home or on the go mine is NORDVPN.
Ironic it has my user name in it lol! but works damn good, I can be in Japan for all anyone knows.
If you don't have this bad boy or something similar I would suggest it.
I'm living in a hotel for a week so I got mine armed for these hackers trying to be funny on their computer names.
Who knows I'm not going to find out.


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Racing? Working? (I don't expect an answer, wizards have big noses because they are nosey bastards, lol)

Mate I'm moving this to Security where you will likely get a more specialised level of support.

I will watch with interest.




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Oops :oops::( - I have just magicked a 3rd leg to kick myself up the arse.



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Thoughts are with you, mate...been there done that.

Stay cool, stay calm.

Absence can make the heart grow fonder.


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First of all I'd just like to say that hackers aren't necessarily malicious or want to break into your computer. I personally use socks proxies or sometimes tor depending on the situation. Tor nodes tend to be blacklisted though.


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I personally don't believe of VPN service providers. How to be sure that the VPN provider doesn't monitoring your internet traffic?

I think that all VPN providers steal personal information from their clients "which protect". What they do with the information is a different topic.

As you know the Tor network is also compromised. You can not believe in this network at 100%.

My ultimate setup is different. I bought reliable and cheap Linux VPS from small provider like NextPointHost. I choose for operation system Ubuntu. Then on top, I installed OpenVPN and create my own VPN server.

In this way chance somebody to monitor my traffic is much lower, because hosting providers usually sell their VPS servers for hosting websites. Additionally, the encryption of VPN tunnel is under my control. The encryption doesn't depend of the VPN providers, which is the situation with NordVPN and all other VPN providers.

Last but not least the prices of Reliable Linux VPS are similar, sometimes even lower than prices of ready for use VPN tunnels.

In case you are very paranoid, you can setup tor which to pass thought your own VPN server.
Hey, I use NordVPN as well. They seem reliable and have some neat features for extra security. It's true that there really is no way to verify if a provider is monitoring your browsing habits or not, but I'm an optimist and I believe that if I'm paying money to a company they'll respect my privacy. And for what it's worth Nord has worked quite well when I needed it.

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