Wayland + NVIDIA + Fedora experience so far


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I have to say, there's one thing that Wayland has fixed for me. Like the individual monitor refresh rate problem I am having with Xorg where I can't get my main monitor that supports 120hz to work in 120hz even though it is set in the settings, this is due to my second monitor being at 60hz and it seems to cap at that refresh rate. I might have to tinker around with NVIDIA settings to get this to work. In Wayland, this was working out of the box.

Couple of issues with Wayland which is preventing me from switching over:

1. Gnome extensions app, which does not properly display, just displays an invisible box. This is also effecting some extensions like the ArcMenu or Dash to Panel. This seems to have been reported already.
2. I've also noticed that in firefox, you cant seem to grab a tab and make it into its own window, this has also been reported from my searching
3. Random app crashes here and there. The app would just close on its own and you'd need to restart it. So far happened in Firefox and Slack.

I've tested using the latest NVIDIA drivers (470.57.02) on Fedora 34 on the latest kernel and an NVIDIA RTX2080 Ti.

I heard some folks dont have that many issues, but curious your experience so far.

EDIT: I think I fixed the refresh rate issue. For those having the same issue in X11, I was able to get better results by disabling "Allow Flipping" in the NVIDIA settings app under OpenGL Settings.

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Nelson Muntz

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I use Wayland with Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and OK it does have a few minor quirks but for the most it works great.

I've had the best results with the opensource graphics drivers with Nvidia graphics cards.

I could not get Wayland to work using Nvidia proprietary graphics driver which was not surprising.

I've had problems getting the Nvidia proprietary graphics driver to work in the newer Linux releases.

Anyway I have no complaints with Wayland on Ubuntu 20.04.2 it works.

This may be of interest.


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I was playing around some more and managed to get Wayland working much better this time around. I ended up reinstalling Fedora 34, installed the latest nvidia drivers, I also installed Wine, Lutris, and Steam to give gaming another shot.

The refresh rate issue is gone with Wayland completely, but I was also able to use nvidia settings to make it work in xorg. I also no longer have that other weird problem with the gnome extensions app. Works well now.

Gaming is also much better this time around, much smoother, not sure if it's wayland, but works really well. Previously, my experience was good, but I noticed a lot of games stutter in certain places, this didnt happen on Windows. With Wayland, it seems to not stutter anymore.


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After some more testing... Wayland is still experiencing some issues with apps. I am not really sure if it is something that I did, but it looks like some of the apps wont launch correctly unless I pass the --gpu-disable parameter. For example, this is happening in VSCode and Slack, the two main apps I use a lot. Will need to do some more testing and playing around...

For now, I ended up going back to Xorg, seems to be quite stable and works well.

I have to say, I spent a lot of my time tweaking and troubleshooting Linux install on my PC. It is annoying at times, especially if you're working on the same issues for an extended period of time, however I learned a lot!

This is where I think a lot of folks give up and go back to Windows. some folks might think that they are wasting too much time with the little things that just work in Windows. I had that feeling as well, but I pushed through it. Now, I am starting to kind of realize the ins and outs of Linux, of course I am still a noob, but getting better and better everyday.

Folks, dont give up, keep pushing through it!
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