What Internet Browser(s) are you using

Hi People,

Just wondering what browser poople are using??

I'll start off by saying... Seamonkey and Iron Browser.
I'm very happy (since my new install last month) with Firefox - but I keep Chrome for foreign pages. I have Vivaldi, but I'm lazy to open it because Firefox does well enough.
What do you regard as ‘foreign Pages ‘ ?
Brave, nearly 100% of the time. Other times, I'm usually just trying out another browser to see what the experience is like. I keep coming back to Brave though
Firefox, Firefox devel Edition with Tor proxy, brave, chromium
Yes Duck Duck Go is a search engine with privacy policies which others should be doing. They value you and don't treat you as a product.
Actually from what I can tell DuckDuckGo isn't technically a "Browser" anymore. It's a addon for existing browsers, and I believe runs different based on what your base browser is. People should still consider the browser they have DuckDuckGo on. Or that's what I think based on past experiences, I could be wrong about the base browser being important.

Edit: I feel idiotic. It took me 5 seconds to notice your post said "Search Engine". Ignore me.
No worries mate . surprised no-one uses Iron. Really fast and supposedly more secure than chrome/chromium????????
Mmmm haven't tried Brave - might try it out.
I tried Brave, but there was something about it i just didn't like so i uninstalled it..

My fav for many years now has been Flashpeak Slimjet, (i began with Slimboat, i think back on my XP mach) based on chrome and the blink browser engine (i'm not vg with tech terms but i think that is how it is stated) https://www.slant.co/topics/4281/viewpoints/14/~web-browsers-for-linux~slimjet

It has so many built in functions which i love...has the best web page to .pdf converter of any i have tried (a few of late) ...even to saving highlighted comments & notifications replies on a YT page..but as of the past 6 wks it hasn't worked v well...it is finally back to normal on my win 7 laptop which i keep for emergencies and as a media centre for the kiddos, but my main is LM 18.3 atm...
And, this is the reason i found myself on this forum, was to get some help for this annoying issue...atm on LM it won't even launch??
I has built in Downloaders, Ad Blocks, light on resources etc. for some reason Firefox is not agreeable with my system and crashes my nVidia graphics from time to time, which is really annoying!!
Atm i am stuck with Firefox until i decide which one i would like to try until Slimjet is sorted again on LM
No worries mate . surprised no-one uses Iron. Really fast and supposedly more secure than chrome/chromium????????
I haven't heard of Iron, i will check it out tho, since a fellow Aussie is giving it a good nod of approval.. on the prowl for a good browser, as my fav is out of order atm..
Slimjet is my usual 1st choice, but about 6 wks back in the thick of the Covid Lockdown it decides to play up on both my LM 18.3 and Win 7 machines...it came good on Win 7, after i updated the browser 2 days back but not the Linux version as yet...Firefox crashes my nVidia graphics occasionally, which is rally annoying!
Thx bro on my way to chk out Iron :)
I felt there was something up with Brave.. i uninstalled it and hardly used it...just didn't feel right!
At first it really seems strange, but I find it to be a really good browser. Started using it because of this thread. Especially with the ads I've seen, just strange. Very secure though, especially if you use DuckDuckGo with it.
No worries mate . surprised no-one uses Iron. Really fast and supposedly more secure than chrome/chromium????????
Been using IRON now the past few days, since i saw your post...very similar to slimjet but without all the built in aps i have come to really depend on, so have installed a few extensions to fill the gaps for now...if slimjet gets back to their usual great function, i will defs keep IRON as my 2nd browser of choice...a good ap, thx mate for the suggestion!
@Aussie Girl @wizardfromoz
Greetings and welcome, Aussie Girl,
I am using Linux Mint 19.3 on this laptop I am writing this on.
After reading about slimjet on your posts, I decided to give it a try.
I'm using it right now and it seems to be working just fine.
I have a friend who lives in WA, don't know the name of the town but it is right on the coast. I have an Apple tablet and use it to facetime with him. Have not got him to use Linux yet; but working on it.
Anyhow, welcome and enjoy your stay.
PS I still think my friend talks funny. LOL.
Old Geezer
Tango Charlie
Hi Tango Charlie...i like the sound of your name...i used to do Ballroom dancing in my younger days...absolutely loved it and the Tango was one of my favs...along with the Jive, Quickstep and Rhumba...
Anyway glad Slimjet is going well on your 19.3 mint...i love mint..but find it hard at times when i run into problems...the thing with Slimjet was the windows version has fixed itself and is working fine again now...but not on my mint 18.3..
Ironic thing is my eldest son is an IT specialist with his own biz but works on Win & Mac lol and not too interested atm in learning Linux...
Did you hear Russia has given MSFT the BOOT?? Replacing every bit of MSFT across Russia with their own home built servers etc...poss linux based??
It became problematic on both my windows and linux the same day...also my back up downloader VLC player stopped streaming vids as well??? Very sus imho..
If it had just been on my linux box i would have put it down to something i had done, but all happening across 2 different OS's is highly sus to me...still not back to normal on my mint machine?? And, vlc not doing its thing still on either box !
Nice to meet you Tango Charlie...my youngest grandson is a Charlie Flynn lol
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