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Hi Tango Charlie...i like the sound of your name...i used to do Ballroom dancing in my younger days...absolutely loved it and the Tango was one of my favs...along with the Jive, Quickstep and Rhumba...
Anyway glad Slimjet is going well on your 19.3 mint...i love mint..but find it hard at times when i run into problems...the thing with Slimjet was the windows version has fixed itself and is working find again now...but not on my mint 18.3..
Ironic thing is my eldest son is an IT specialist with his own biz but works on Win & Mac lol and not too interested atm in learning Linux...
Did you hear Russia has given MSFT the BOOT?? Replacing every bit of MSFT across Russia with their own home built servers etc...poss linux based??
It became problematic on both my windows and linux the same day...also my back up downloader VLC player stopped streaming vids as well??? Very sus imho..
If it had just been on my linux box i would have put it down to something i had done, but all happening across 2 different OS's is highly sus to me...still not back to normal on my mint machine?? And, vlc not doing its thing still on either box !
Nice to meet you Tango Charlie...my youngest grandson is a Charlie Flynn lol
@Aussie Girl
I was in the US Army back in 1955 til 57 - drafted at the time. {Yes, we did have an active draft then}. However, while there I was in a post band at Ft Bliss in El Paso, TX. Did a lot of dancing on the weekends in El Paso and at the USO clubs. Really enjoyed the tango, and also swing and most of the Latin stuff that was popular then.

Doesn't suprise me that your oldest son is not familiar with Linux. From what I have read, anyone who works in IT for MS or Apple are in a different type of environment which is not conducive to thinking about how to solve problems other than their own small section that they happen to be involved with.

I am puzzled about why you don't upgrade to LM 19.3? Maybe you should just wait until the LM 20 comes out with the finished product. I guess it depends on what you are wanting to do with the cp.

A little history on the name. I was a flight instructor for about 10 - 11 years and we had a Cessna 210 with the call letters 70 TC. As you are probably familiar with, the phonetic alphabet has a name attached to each letter. T is Tango. C is Charlie. As I flew that plane quite a bit, my sons and their friends got to calling me Tango Charlie. It has kind of stuck.

PS {We'll get you involved with 19.3 or 20 eventually. LOL} Just kidding AG or Alpha George - in your case we'll make that Alpha Georgia!
I'm outta here for now.

Firefox on Ubuntu and Firefox Lite in Android Go. The tracking protection sometimes cause trouble in some websites and then I have to use Chrome.
Well at the moment I am liking Icecat it comes with buitin Adblocker. Only problem is that I needed to install on apulse on my very basic xfce Debian install which has no pulseaudio. I made a script which calls apulse /opt/icecat/icecat .
im using Icecat
bash-5.0$ icecat -v
GNU IceCat 60.3.0

upgraded ff now its
Mozilla Firefox 77.0.1

I did recently try "dillo" but it did not work out

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