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Aug 9, 2020
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The experiences with MB's here is interesting helping me to understand which MB's are not worth even considering when I decide to make my next box of wizardry based AMD's Ryzen family CPU's.
At the moment I have been running on an ASRock FM2A88X MB for the past six years with no complaints so far. CPU is a AMD quad core Athlon.
When I was deciding what MB to use for my new M/C I was looking at MSI, after hearing what you said I am glad that I chose otherwise.

AsRock kind of 80 % over the years with those. If I choose it would be Asus, new one is running and the 550 was said to need Bios flashed if I wanted to run the AMD 3000g, it is running fine no flash needed. Even Asus was not listing the 550 for the 3000g, the 450 yes. But it screams well. Gigabyte would be my second choice I have 2 older PC's behind my Desk right now Both AMD Athon and Gigabyte MB. Both newer Bios with mouse support. Intuitive menus. But MSI over the years has been iffy more often than not. All experiences may differ, there are fans of MSI.

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