What type of installation should I do? (Dual Boot / Live CD / Fresh Install / Virtual Installation)


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yes several distros have "live" versions.Generally thats all they are ; the live version is for live usb use , but most live also have an install version. Some i've read can install from the usb.

I can really only mainly help with slackware, i'm out of date for everything else but several others here use Mint etc . this site is worth a visit ; you can play with many distro to check them out: https://distrotest.net/

So i've already guessed your next question- "so what does getting linux onto a usb involve?" .

basically you get an .iso file of the linux live you want to use. You put it onto a clean or virgin usb stick of appropriate size.I have never used it but i here some use "rufus"

sounds more like a mutt to me but there you are

You go into your bios of your PC and make sure it can boot , or maybe boot first from a usb. Secure boot if you have it will stop you booting from usb so if you have that disable it

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