Where is the Arch love?



I've been a recent Arch Linux convert, but I'm surprised to see very little mention of it on these forums. Its a solid distro with a great community that seems to adhere to the original Unix ideals of encapsulation and simplicity, but I can see how it may be customizable to a fault as it isn't something that can be fully installed in a couple hours.
That being said, I have always recommended it to Linux users looking to jump from 'beginner' knowledge to 'intermediate' as installing it is a crash course on Linux in itself and I learned more from going through my first Arch install than I ever did on other distros or reading online docs.
Anyone else have experience with Arch and either love it or hate it?

I love Arch it's fantastic.
It's fast/secure and very reliable.

I've been using it for over 2 years now.
I created an Arch group on these forums before the merge. Gone now....

Arch is awesome!!! I always put it on my desktops and servers.
I'm an arch user, and the only people I have heard not like arch are gentoo users