Which distro best for programming?


Jan 1, 2021
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I'm completely new here, so first of all, hello!:)
Now, I'm beginning to learn how to program (currently python) and wanted to know which Linux distribution would be best for programming.( I'm also completely new to Linux)

Can someone please help, thanks!

It makes literally no difference whatsoever.
Just pick any distro and then install whatever development tools you need.
There are compilers and interpreters available for pretty much any programming or scripting languages you can think of.

Python is installed by default on pretty much every distro too.
That doesn't really make a difference, most tools are available for all distros so you should start with what looks best to you. I would recommend Mint for a beginner, its cinnamon DE is very intuitive for someone coming from windows for example. Also, Ubuntu could be something for you, even if it lost some reputation because of Snap.
But more important: learn as much about you can about linux itself, not one specific distro. And if you are going to do advanced stuff, prepare to read *a lot*, there are plenty of resources in the internet with lots of information. This forum here, IRC (if you are familiar with it) and so on.
Good luck!

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