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Which Linux distribution do you use?

None of the above, you may also want to specify this is a poll for desktop Linux use.
Yes for desktop. If the distribution that you use is not above then you can mention it in the comments and also you can tell us why you chose it.

It only allow 10 choices, no room for the ''Other'' choice... if someone can edit the choices please put the choice ''Other'' instead of ''Deepin''
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Raspbian GNU/Linux 11 (bullseye) armv - on my raspberry pi
Linux mint on laptop
Arch on virtual machine on linux mint ^
Prime Driver is Mint Cinnamon , Then MX-21 KDE , Then PCLinuxOS (not on your list) Finally Debian Bullseye.
I use Arch Linux for my desktop and laptop systems because when I switched over I was looking for a new challenge and currently am still running it because having the latest and greatest gives a better desktop experience. As well as having access to the AUR and not having to go through an upgrade process to another version after an old version of the distribution reaches end of life.
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I use Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and MX-21 Xfce Linux and EndeavourOS Xfce and PCLinuxOS LXQT.

I don't really have a particular main driver as I use a different Linux distro everyday since I have several old junker desktops.
Distro: Raspberry Pi OS base: Debian GNU/Linux bookworm/sid
that depends on what bit of lit I am using and what works best on it
I've used CentOS for a long time, but now that RedHat has changed it distribution model, I don't know what I'll be using. The distro I have is covered till '24 so I have time to decide.

I use Manjaro at home because it's a rolling release. I got tired of having to rebuild ever so often. :) It's a bit anemic when it comes to supporting advanced users, but most of the tools can be added.
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Mainly use Fedora now on most devices but I use others.
i'm slowly touring a lot of the linux operating systems right now, i got a pretty massive hard drive (2TB) for my new computer build for this purpose...so far i've installed ubuntu because i'm very familiar with it, and i just installed fedora which i now think is better...so far...I intend to give Arch and Gentoo a whirl within the virtualbox before installing them on bare metal since they are so highly customizable.
i'm slowly touring a lot of the linux operating systems right now
Well, with over 500 different builds that will keep you off the streets for a while
I use Zorin OS as the primary distro (daily driver)
Ubuntu and parrot home Xfce as the secondary distro
and kali for learning:)
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