Which linux distro to choose?


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Feb 2, 2023
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I've been thinking about moving from Windows 10 to Linux. I'm completely new to Linux and never used it.
Now I'm looking for a few recommendations. It should be perfect for gaming and customization should be possible. I would want it to look exactly like Windows 7. Just like this:
If you change Windows like this, it would break the whole OS after the next update, I hope that's different with Linux.
A dark theme across the whole system would be great too.
I also often move big files e.g. to my phone. With Windows, I've always had this weird problem that if a directory was larger than 50 letters, it would fail to copy the files. Would that work better with Linux?
It would be interesting to know how much performance increase Linux would actually offer as well. Some people say 80% and more but I can't really believe that.
Anyway, thanks in advance for your recommendations.

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Linux is not Windows, Xfce & Cinnamon desktops are similar to Wxp &W7/8, any Linux can be used for gaming you will need to install both STEAM and Play on Linux, you cannot load Windows programs direct to Linux. I am not a gamer, but we do have several members who can advise you, in the gaming forum,
THERE are over 500 Linux distributions no one is best, what is best for you is the one that works best on your machine and the one you like the look and feel of, we recommend you download and run live from a pen-drive, half a dozen or so to what works best and takes your fancy, what is best for me or any other member is not nessasarily best for you
Ubuntu, Debian based would be best for beginners, for gaming steam, Lutris, wine or Bottles(I didn't have luck with my games).

Steam games works pretty well usually with little bit tweaking, support for games you can check at Protondb.

If you got more questions, watching this thread :D

Oh yeah, better to use proton-ge wine-ge, for games, I'll tell how when you end up setting up games.

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To my way of thinking, you say you want to switch to Linux, yet you want Linux to look and behave exactly like Windows. That tells me that you're not really ready to make the switch.

You're looking for assurances that everything you do in Windows can be performed in exactly the same way in Linux.....

Most who make the switch to Linux usually have their reasons, but high on that list is usually that they're fed-up with Windows. Trouble is, though, many of 'em have only used Windows. It's all they've ever known, so they have no idea that it's entirely possible to do the same stuff, but in a different way.....

Many of these have heard about Linux, and basically expect to find a 'free' version of Windows. Talk about getting "stuck in a rut". We humans DO like our "comfort zones".......don't we?

My advice? Stick with Windows. I understand it IS still possible to upgrade to Windows 10 for free, although Windows 11 might just be a stretch TOO far for elderly hardware.

Mike. :rolleyes:
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So you want to make Linux look like w7.

There you go...
... by the way, the OP has not posted in four days.

My advice to the OP would be to install virtual machine software on their Windows computer. (VirtualBox is free and many people use it.)

Download and install Linux distros in virtual machines. They are free. Try them out. Compare them. Customize the look to be more like Windows. Delete the virtual machines you don't like. Get a feel for them. You can continue running your Windows programs while you try out Linux in the virtual machines. (Keep in mind that a virtual machine may not give you the highest "gaming performance".)

When you are ready, you can decide what you want to do next. Maybe that will include instalingl Linux as the primary operating system on your computer to replace Windows.

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