Which Linux do you use?

Which Linux do you use?

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(Wizard appears in a puff of smoke, sets fire to the carpet, stamps it out, looks around to see if the wife saw, phew, no)

No problem, mate. I just told her about the carpet! :D:D
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Debian Stable :)


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Manjaro, right now, but I have used many, Slack, RedHat (and Fedora when RedHat no longer was free), Ubuntu, Mint, Mandriva, but for now I seem to be stuck on Manjaro.
Debian stable on my two servers.
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I use Fedora, Ubuntu, and Manjaro. I like to be close to the bleeding edge. Mate desktop on all three. With dev versions (Fedora, Ubuntu), come the more than occasional breakages, but I keep at least one fully working at all times.

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