Which linux os have bash and which one have dash?


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Hello everyone, sorry for the basic question but i'm new at Linux... I was curious to know which operating systems have bash shell, because as far as i know ubuntu has dash shell.
For me is pretty important to know because the first exam that i'll have at university will be on C and bash shell so i wanna start practice as soon as i can.

Thx in advice


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Hello @Newbiesh, and welcome. Dash was the default Ubuntu shell some time back, around Ubuntu version 6.10 according to this article. But it seems that it may now be back to Bash for Ubuntu and other Debian derivatives, according to this article. But these are not definitive answers. This second article also nicely describes how to determine which shell you are using, as well as how to change the shell to something else.

Or are you by chance confusing the "Ubuntu Dash" with the Dash shell? The Ubuntu Dash is kind of like the "Start Menu" used in other distributions. When you click on the Ubuntu Logo, that opens up the Dash Menu. It also opens when you hit the Super-key (Windows key).



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I believe most distros come with Bash as the default. But you can install any shell you want, if you don't what what comes with the distro. So if your disto comes with Korn but you want Bash, install it.
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