Which Linux OS is The Best Alternative for Windows OS


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Aug 2, 2019
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Hello friends,

Currently iam using windows 10 in my PC. I want to move to Linux based Operating System. I want to know the best alternative Linux based OS for Windows. The OS should be fulfill the basic requirements.

Thank You.

There is not the one windows alternative, there is a whole bunch of distributons that are all pretty good usable on the consumer space. For example manjaro, Linux mint, zorin OS... You can try them all out using live usbs to decide which is the best for you.

G'day sujatha, and Welcome to Linux.org

It is my experience that 'keeping it simple' is the best approach when switching over to Linux

When you switch, please keep it simple so as to learn the basics .

After that you can quite easily switch to another Linux os without any problem at all.

Remember that all os downloads are Free. They require only the input of your time.

Having said all that....LINUX MINT is my os of choice. It makes for a brilliant alternative......I have used it now for 5 years and have no intention of switching.

LM comes in a choice of three different desktops....cinnamon, mate, xfce

Read about them....your choice. (i use cinnamon)

Remember....you are just starting.....keep the confusion to a minimum.
Thank you for your suggestions. I have found from lots of comparisons Linux is best for basic usage. Windows is best for heavy usage.
Windows is the worst for every usage
I dont know where you read that.....but that is rubbish

Linux powers the worlds biggest computers

Sounds like you want to stay on Windows.