Which Lite distribution for my needs please?


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What Linux distro do you have on the usb drive?
Hey, it worked... it did read my USB you are awesome, however iam up against another problem.

Iam trying to install Lubuntu, however everytime i launch the usb and reach the partitioning point. I googled here alot and anyways here is what I see and what I do.

What I see : three partitions one my main SD 32 Gb, the second is my external sd 32 GB and the usb that has the ios image.

Since they recommended me to have the following :
1. Root tag with 10 Gb space ( Distance point */* )
2. Linux swap with 2 Gb space ( Dp *Linux swap*)
3. An efi/boot with boot and esp tag with 1 GB of space.
I don't have that much space on my main SD with windows on it.
So I chose the externa and What I did is :
1. Erased it all.
2. Added what is previously mentioned.
Continued my setup and rebooted then removed the port once it did ask me to.

When I boot my PC without the USB it doesn't give me the option to select which to boot into, I either jump to recovery screen, or I find myself in my windows which for some reason didn't start after my first installation attempt and I had to reset it.
When I did, my external drive was partitoned into 3 areas 2 inaccessible and 1 is some free space.

I have done alot of googling, but not much support in lubuntu assuming it's my best light package option to install and practice linux and bioinformatics tools and coding.

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